WGCP Review – What Is Whole Green Coffee Powder?


What is WGCP?

Are you aware that the solution to brain focus and good health is found in growing trees? Nature has a way of providing the best energy boosters and active ingredients to improve the performance of your brain and body. Whole green coffee powder (WGCP) is the ultimate solution to brain concentration and body endurance.

How Is WGCP Made?

Whole Green Coffee Powder is an active ingredient in green coffee beans. The WGCP powder is obtained through the following steps:

  1. Select coffee beans are harvested and hand selected for maximum use.
  2. Raw and green coffee beans are sun-dried to maintain the green color.
  3. The green dried coffee beans are processed and grounded to form a fine coffee powder. The resultant WGCP is rich in all beneficial nutrients, natural acids, and healthy fibers.

Sun drying is preferred to roasting as the later destroys all the important nutrients and antioxidants. Roasting also destroys the green cover which contains necessary fibers. The fine product formed from the refining process is ready to be incorporated in supplements.

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WGCP Main Benefits

The raw coffee powder is highly rich in antioxidants, beneficial nutrients, and fibers to help your body work effectively. The fiber in WGCP ensures that the caffeine content is slowly and smoothly delivered into the body system to ensure that you don’t feel jittery. The following are some of the top health benefits that you stand to gain by using WGCP:

  • Effective glucose regulation
  • Suppression of natural appetite
  • Elimination of caffeine enhanced headaches
  • Enhanced physical performance and endurance
  • Enhanced brain focus and work concentration

These are just a fraction of the advantages that you will gain from taking WGCP products and supplements. The consistent speed and effectiveness of this ingredient is why it’s become popular in many nootropic supplements.

The Science behind WGCP and its Safety

WGCP’s production involves quality testing and maintenance of all the fundamental ingredients of whole coffee beans. Generally, WGCP is different from coffee bean extracts. In terms of scientific composition, Coffee bean extracts contain only Chlorogenic Acid as the active component. On the other hand, WGCP is supplied with every important component contained in whole coffee beans.

In addition to Chlorogenic acid, WGCP contains Feruloylquinic Acid, Natural caffeine, Dicaffeoylquinic Acid, antioxidants, Neochlorogenic Acid, and fiber. All these contribute towards WGCP’s active health benefits and performance. All the constituents have to work in combination as they are all necessary for brain focus and endurance.

According to findings of a clinical study by Cleveland Clinic in the United States, WGCP can increase the level of concentration and focus for 5-6 hours. The study also indicated that there are no known side effects of using WGCP products. Conditions like jittering and frequent headaches that are associated with caffeine intake don’t exist in WCPG-rich products.

Products Containing WGCP

  • IQ Genex – IQ Genex is a nootropic supplement created recently featuring WGCP as one of the main ingredients.  Not only does IQ Genex amplify focus, it can boost short and long term memory.  Read our IQ Genex Review here.
  • Endurance Capsules and Powder: These products from GoBean are highly rich in WGCP to help you work out effectively. Both packs go for $39.99 each. The capsule pack contains 60 pieces enough for a month use. In addition, you can also get endurance drink to help you when exercising.
  • Appetite Suppressants: These are also found in capsule and powder options. The capsule pack contains 90 pieces and goes for $49.99 while the powder pack goes for $39.99.
  • Coffee Capsules: This GoBean product is highly rich in WGCP and goes for $39.99. The pack contains 60 pieces, which is enough to take you through the month.


The health benefits of using nootropic supplements and food products that are rich in WGCP are many.  At around $40, they aren’t too expensive either – many people spend more on coffee in a month.  You should not let cases of headaches and body weaknesses hinder you from getting the best field and class performance.  GoBean and other international organic brands have the solution, and it lies in supplements and food products rich in WGCP.

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