VitaSleep PM: An All-Natural Supplement For Restful Slumber

VitaSleep PM is the new best sleep aid.

Lucky are those who can sleep soundly every night. For many, this remains an elusive dream. Millions suffer from various sleeping disorders during bedtime. Their lack of rest can have several consequences including chronic fatigue, irritability, reduced productivity, prolonged injuries, and ill health. Doctors recommend around 8 hours of restful sleep every night. If you are having difficulty doing this, then perhaps you can benefit from a few key changes like the use of a specialized supplement such as VitaSleep PM.

New Sleep Supplement: VitaSleep PM

VitaSleep PM is the newest, most effective sleep aid.There are countless products on the market that claim to improve sleep quality. Sleeping pills and anti-anxiety drugs come to mind. Although these can work, they often have unwanted side effects like habit formation. VitaSleep PM is different for a number of reasons.

First, it is a supplement and not a drug. It is not as potent but it can help induce restful sleep.

Second, it is aimed particularly at people who are age 50 or older. The creators recognize the differences between the old and the young.

Third, it has an all-natural formulation that contains proven active ingredients. There should be no negative side effects. The claim is that users will simply be able to fall asleep quicker and wake up feeling revitalized.

The Doctor Behind VitaSleep PMDr. Bronner is the mind behind VitaSleep PM.

This supplement is the brainchild of Dr. Bronner Handwerger, a specialist in holistic medicine based in San Diego, CA with decades of experience. He lectures at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.

He is also a member of the American College for the Advancement in Medicine and the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine.

As a leader in the field of integrative health practices, he sees countless patients with various problems from all walks of life. Some of these are high-caliber athletes who understand the importance of sleep when it comes to their performance.

What Ingredients In VitaSleep PM Help You Sleep?

The composition of this supplement can be readily seen on the label for transparency. Included in the list are melatonin, pyridoxal 5 phophate, magnesium glycinate, niacin, calcium citrate, L-theanine, 5htp, and a proprietary blend of hops, skullcap, chamomile, valerian, L-taurine, inositol, passion flower, lemon balm, and GABA.

GABA stands for gamma-aminobutyric acid. This is actually a neurotransmitter which serves to dampen the nerve activity. Studies found that people suffering from insomnia tend to have low levels of GABA. Hence, some supplements aim to increase it to normal levels and improve their ability to bind to brain receptors.

VitaSleep PM is formulated with high-quality ingredients.

Since there are many people who have dietary restrictions and sensitivities, it is also good to mention the things that are not present in the mix. These include gluten, peanut, wheat, soy, milk, egg, tree products, preservatives, fish, shellfish, animal products, and their derivatives.

What Else Can You Do To Improve Your Sleep?

Remember that the use of sleep supplements is just one of the possible strategies to improve sleep. Several of these strategies can be implemented at the same time to increase the chances of success. For example, it would be prudent to reduce stimuli and avoid distractions. Put the phone on silent mode or turn it off completely before going to bed.

Use thick curtains to block the lights from the outside. Wear eye cover and earplugs. Burn a relaxing incense or use oils that you prefer. Play white noise or nature sounds in the background.

It will also be worthwhile to check your diet and see if this can be affecting your sleep. Perhaps you are drinking too much at night and this leads you to get up for relief multiple times. Maybe you eat a lot of sweets after dinner which causes you to have heightened alertness even if you want to sleep. Small changes in daily habits can make a big difference.

VitaSleep PM: Final Thoughts

Sleeping problems have negative effects on a person’s quality of life. Fixing them should be a priority. Find out why it is happening with the help of a doctor. If you are looking for a sleep supplement, then VitaSleep PM is worth a look.

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