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This All Natural Oil Is a Magical Ingredient For Dry Skin and Hair

Argan oil is extracted from the fruit nut of the Argan tree. Pure Moroccan Argan oil is quite rare because the trees grow in a very limited regions of Morocco. The tree starts producing fruits only after growing for 30-50 years. An Argan tree lives up to 150-250 years. Oil extracted from Argan tree fruits is available in two grades. The first is food grade oil that can be used as an ingredient in food items. The second variety is used in beauty and hair care products. You can use pure Argan oil for both purposes. Avoid using oil intended for beauty products in foods. You should also be careful of skin and hair product that have this extracted oil as a minor ingredient – focus on high quality products that use large quantities.  Manufacturers of such products just try to take advantage of the Argan oil popularity. Their products may not have real benefits of this oil.

Argan Oil in Skin Supplements

Argan oil is a high quality beauty product due to its natural properties. You can use it safely on your skin or hair because there is no harsh chemical added to it. There are no side effects of this natural ingredient if you use it in the right amount and as advised by the beauty and health experts. You will benefit from this oil if you have frizzy ends in your hair. It is a good nourishing oil for dry hair. Apply a little on your hair and watch the natural shine magically appear! It’s best to apply it while the hair is still damp just out of the shower. It will benefit you if you have a dry scalp. Soak a cotton ball with some Argan oil and dab your scalp. Do this before going to the bed and the oil will have sufficient time to work on your scalp. Wash it away during the morning shower. Many people use the raw oil on a daily basis if they can source it at a good price.

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“Can I Use Raw Argan Oil?”

You can safely apply pure Moroccan Argan oil to your skin. It has hydrating, moisturizing and other beneficial properties for the skin. It helps smooth out the wrinkles. It will plump up the facial skin and give your face a glowing radiance. Argan oil can be used as a body moisturizer. Apply it all over the body in the same way as you apply a cream or lotion. For best moisturizing results, apply just after coming out of the shower. If you suffer from cracking and peeling nails, this oil can work wonders. Apply it all over the hands including nails to give your hands the youthful look.

Where To Buy Raw Argan Oil

Due to its rare nature, pure Moroccan Argan oil is expensive. It is not a big problem because it is available in highly concentrated form. It means you do not have to use more than a small amount at a time.

Our favorite pick is below!

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Majestic Pure 100% Natural – Cold Pressed, Triple Extra Virgin Argan Oil, 4oz bottle

We love the price and packaging of this easy to buy and simple to use product from Majestic Pure.  This will give many users an introduction to it’s use and benefits. Currently this bottle is on sale as of October 6th, 2016 but it could change in time.

Majestic Pure’s Argan Oil sells regularly for $27.95 for a 4oz bottle (we said it wasn’t cheap!) but right now they are offering a discount flash sale for $14.95.  Of course it helps to have Amazon Prime to expedite shipment and save on shipping rates.

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