Primal Alpha Beast Review: Amp Up Your Testosterone

primal alpha beast ingredients

If you’ve been experiencing a slump in your energy, your testosterone levels may be to blame. Men over the age of 30 can start losing as much as four percent of the hormone each year. It’s sometimes hard to detect because the progression is slow enough and you might not notice it right away.

When you start losing muscle mass and physical stamina it can start to take a toll. Primal Alpha Beast is a new supplement that can restore everything you’ve lost. Revive the greatest version of yourself today by incorporating it into your diet.

What Is Primal Alpha Beast?primal alpha beast bottles

Primal Alpha Beast is a dietary supplement formulated to restore testosterone levels to normal. If you have found that your muscle tone is turning into flab, this supplement can help to build it back. It can also help you overcome that general lethargic feeling you may be experiencing.

Tell Me About The Ingredients

The best way to evaluate any supplement is to take a closer look at what’s in it. Here is a complete rundown of the ingredients in Primal Alpha Beast:

Horny Goat Weed

Yes, this herb has a funny name, but it’s not a good excuse to avoid taking it. Horny goat weed promotes your body’s testosterone production. It makes it easier to build lean muscle and burn away fat. It also stimulates blood circulation throughout the body as well as the reproductive organs.

Tongkat Ali

This herb is diverse because of the all the properties it carries. It helps boosts libido, stimulate weight loss and promote muscle growth.

Saw Palmetto

This herb may prevent your body from converting valuable testosterone into a compound called DHT. Research is ongoing, DHT is widely believed to be a contributing factor to hair loss. Benefit the boost in testosterone without worrying about losing your hair.

Wild Yam Extract

This extract increases physical energy and sexual desire, boosting your confidence in the process.

Orchic Substance

Made from cattle testicles, it’s proven to promote your reproductive health and stimulate the nervous system.

Nettle Extract

Commonly referred to as stinging nettles, this herb reduces inflammation in your body. Muscles recover quickly to increase the frequency with which you can work out.


Boron is an essential mineral that promotes testosterone production to build lean muscle mass, among several other benefits.

Sarsaparilla Root

This root helps your body absorb the other ingredients in the formula. It allows you to get the best possible results out of it.

Calcium Carbonate

Finally, calcium carbonate minimizes upset stomaches and builds stronger bones for you. Its inclusion virtually eliminates the possibility of adverse side effects with this product, making it safe for everyday use.

Where Can I Purchase?

The best place to try Primal Alpha Beast for yourself is the product’s official website. The manufacturer is currently offering a promotion allowing new users to try a 30-day sample of the product for just $5.95, making it very accessible.

Once you’re in the system, you will automatically get enrolled in a subscription program to ensure that you never run low. You also have the opportunity to cancel within 14 days and pay nothing beyond the initial shipping charge.

Final Thoughtsprimal alpha beast- lifting

Getting older doesn’t mean that you need to accept the symptoms of aging along with it. You can actually enjoy the ride by finding solutions like Primal Alpha Beast. It’s important to adjust our diet and exercise as we grow older, and sometimes it helps to have an additional tool up our sleeve.

Restore your natural testosterone balance with Primal Alpha Beast. You’ll get back the energy, muscle mass, and libido that you enjoyed in your younger years.

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