Magnum Pump XR – Awaken The Alpha Within You

Recently launched, Magnum Pump XR is a dietary supplement that aims to help guys to safely boost their free testosterone levels. In conjunction with a solid workout regime, diet plan, and sleep habits, Magnum Pump XR could help users to increase their sex drive and vitality, and train with more intensity.

There are sixty tablets in every bottle, and a couple of tablets are consumed per serving. One tablet is meant to be consumed prior to training and after training each day, so a bottle should last the majority of customers for thirty days.

The Ingredients in Magnum Pump XR

Magnum Pump XR has some ingredients in it that most people will have seen before. The manufacturer fully reveals the mixture of amino acids on the supplement label. As well as Larginine, the product has four additional amino acids in it that function, alongside Larginine, to improve energy, endurance, muscle mass and libido. Each ingredient is said to harness natural bodily processes to offer the average man a testosterone boost, providing he eats correctly and goes to the gym.

The Larginine Blend in Focus

The supplement’s original Larginine formula is completely different from other supplements available. No ingredients are used just to make the product seem more substantial. Everything that Magnum Pump XR contains functions to help users perform at their best in a number of areas. The AAKG amino acid improves sports performance, speeds recovery time, and reduces fatigue in the muscles. AKIC is an amino acid that repairs muscles that have been damaged during strenuous training sessions.

Both OKG and GKG amino acids develop muscle tissue and counteract muscle cell breakdown. When used together, these ingredients make for a supplement that could produce exceptional results for a lot of customers.

The Benefits of Magnum Pump XR

Once they incorporate Magnum Pump XR into their normal workout and diet plans, most users report that they have more energy during the day. This is no mean feat for a supplement, considering the demands of exercising, working and raising a family. It can allow blood to flow more freely, so that sex hormones can reach their intended destination quicker. Many customers say that their appetite for sex increases significantly, which makes the supplement popular with their partners as well.

Magnum Pump XR helps the body to synthesize protein, which is vital because the body generates muscle this way. Testosterone levels inevitably increase, as muscle tissue develops. A good eating plan and regular training schedule are important for this very reason. All these positive effects combine to give many customers more confidence — and this is arguably the product’s greatest benefit.

Purchasing Magnum Pump XR

Magnum Pump XR is not sold in normal retail stores, but it is available on the official product website at It costs $98.75 for a month’s supply, with no shipping charges applied on regular orders. Recyclable containers are used for this supplement.

A two-week trial offer is available for people who don’t want to buy the product before sampling it, however this comes with a $4.99 handling charge. Once the two weeks are up, customers have the product shipped to them automatically and will receive a month’s supply every thirty days. Customers can cancel this automatic shipping at any time, using the toll-free telephone number or email address that the vendor provides for this purpose.

How To Cancel Magnum Pump XR

The best way to cancel your free-trial to Magnum Pump or address any other concerns is by calling their customer service number here:

Magnum Pump XR Phone Number: (844) 302-2105

If that doesn’t work, you can write to them.  But, who really responds to snail mail these days?

PO Box 8063
Norcross, GA 30091-8063

Closing Thoughts

Men who want the confidence that only an increase in testosterone can provide, and who are embarrassed and exasperated by their lack of libido, could do a lot worse than taking a look at Magnum Pump XR. While it is completely safe, and – for the majority of customers – extremely effective, we’re not too keen to recommend Magnum Pump these days.  There are better alternatives.

Go take a gander at their complaints on BBB:

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