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Struggling to lose weight? Leptigen Can Help!

Searching for an effective weight loss supplement can be tedious at times. Buyers get confused with the mass array of ingredients with difficult to pronounce, scientific names. More often than not, there is spill over in ingredients and many supplement manufacturers offer the same ingredients with just different labels.  Leptigen is one of the very few fat burning supplements that has in-house custom ingredients that have been proven to help users lose weight vs users on a placebo. See the study here.

What is Leptigen?

Leptigen is a weight loss formula that claims to offer fast and effective weight loss in a safe manner. The product is made from the finest natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be able to help with weight loss.

How it Works

The only way to lose weight is to shed off some of the fat stored in your body. For this to take place, you body’s metabolism must be high and the body should find it easy to release fat deposits into the bloodstream. The ingredients used to make this fat-burning formula are either thermogenic or fat burning agents. Regular intake of the supplement, therefore, induces weight loss by helping the body burn more fat. In just 8 weeks users can expect to lose at least a dozen pounds. Furthermore, users have seen their waistline and hip circumference to reduce by around 4.7 inches and 2.4 inches respectively.

Leptigen Ingredients

Leptigen is a weight loss supplement made from four main ingredients. They include:

LeptigenGreen Tea Extract: This is a known metabolism booster. It is one of the most recommended ingredients for safe and long term weight loss. It works by increasing the metabolism of the body, which will force the body to burn more fat faster. To achieve the best results with this ingredient, exercise and a low calorie diet are recommended.

ChromeMate™: As the name suggests, this is a chromium compound. Chromium is used in the body in small quantities to help insulin transport glucose into cells, where they can be used to produce energy. The higher the glucose content that’s transported into the cells, the faster the weight loss.

Meratrim™: Clinical studies have shown that this ingredient promotes healthy weight loss and can decrease the BMI of the user within a short period of time. Meratrim is a proprietary blend of Garcinia mongostana fruit extract and Sphaeranthus indicus flower. These extracts have been proven to promote weight loss and overall wellness.

Caffeine: A small amount of caffeine is included in the formula to stimulate metabolism of fatty acids.

Usage Instructions

The recommended Leptigen dosage is two pills per day. Ideally, these pills should be taken at least 30
minutes before any meal. Since the supplement contains around 75mg caffeine, users should take it during the day, not in the evening, to ensure they do not lose any sleep when they go to bed. A healthy diet and increased physical activity are also recommended during the weight loss process. After all, these are the tenets of healthy living. In case you forget to take Leptigen, do not take double the dose the following day to make up for the missed dose. The maximum intake is 2 pills/day, which should never be exceeded.

Buying Leptigen

Weight loss supplements can be found in variety of places. However, the best place to buy Leptigen is directly from the manufacturer’s official website. This is because you can be assured of getting the best price as well as buying genuine products when you place your order directly with the manufacturer. Consumers normally get huge discounts when they buy goods in bulk. The following are some of the prices you can expect to pay when buying Leptigen:

– 30 day supply: 1 bottle with 60 capsules for $109.95
– 60 day supply: 2 bottles with 120 capsules for $199.90
– 90 day supply: 3 bottles with 180 capsules for $268.85

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Leptigen is an all-natural weight loss formula containing natural ingredients that are known to promote weight loss. The product has no known side effects and the price is fair, compared to other products in the market.

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