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A New Thermogenic From Force Factor – LeanFire Ultimate

If you are struggling to complete the kind of workout that delivers real results, a thermogenic may be just what you need to achieve the results you crave.  Thermogenics raise your body’s internal temperature to melt fat away while promoting muscle growth.  LeanFire Ultimate is a new fat burner from Force Factor that builds upon the previous success and formula of LeanFire XT.

Force Factor LeanFire Ultimate is the type of product we get excited about!  Not only does it provide the energy required to physically complete an intense workout, it also delivers the cognitive boost necessary to power through your routine.  Best of all, it contains a potent ingredient that gears weight loss toward fat cells instead of muscle, giving you the lean, firm physique you are searching for.

What’s In LeanFire Ultimate?

Previously, LeanFire XT was the leader of all fat burners we’ve tested.  LeanFire Ultimate nearly doubles the ingredients found in XT and adds some new, proven ingredients to the mix.

leanfire-ultimate-ingredients-600x656Force Factor’s researchers spared no expense in creating the best thermogenic on the market.  First, a proprietary Thermovigilance Complex containing Verilean green coffee extract, thanine, CapsiMax, and BioPerine black pepper raises your body’s temperature to burn fat and use it as fuel. The warmer temperature also boosts the body’s natural metabolic rate, enabling you to burn more calories than ever before!

Verilean is the star player on this team, and the impact it can have on your body cannot be overstated. In a recent clinical trial, patients who used Verilean while maintaining a healthy diet lost an average of 10.95 pounds over a 60 day period. Patients following a similar diet but given a placebo instead of Verilean lost only an average of 5.4 pounds.

This means that Verilean is more than twice as effective as diet alone in promoting weight loss.

Better yet, Verilean preserves muscle mass at the expense of fat. This means that most of the weight it helps you lose comes out of the weight you want to lose, rather than the muscle mass that you are trying to build.

Verilean is capably supported by precise doses of caffeine and L-theanine. Caffeine is a natural stimulant, but it can leave users jittery and produce a crash when the effects wear off. L-theanine is a mild sedative that helps the body maintain balance. Force Factor calls this symbiosis “Thermovigilance,” and it allows LeanFire Ultimate to provide smooth energy without the jitters or crashes frequently associated with many other stimulants.

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LeanFire Ultimate also contains an Adaptogenic Cognitive Enhancement System consisting of rhodiola, cocoabuterol, TeaCrine thacrine, and rauwolfia to boost mental clarity and focus. The psychological aspect of completing an intense workout is frequently the most difficult obstacle to face, so LeanFire Ultimate contains ingredients clinically proven to give you the mindset required to get it done. TeaCrine is the most important of these compounds because it improves mental and physical performance without any crash later.

LeanFire Ultimate Reviews – “What Are People Saying?”

LeanFire Ultimate is already making way through the bodybuilding and fitness communities.  This new supplement appears to be living up to it’s predecessor’s reputations rapidly.

Here’s a few examples of what some sites have to say:

The fat burner’s list of effects includes increased energy, enhanced focus and concentration, and support for actual weight loss.” – Stack3d.com (Read review)

The product is made with high-quality and powerful ingredients that work well to ensure that the body has exactly what it needs to promote growth.” – SupplementPolice.com (Read review)

When combined with a healthy diet and an effective workout regimen, the supplement will speed up the weight loss process.” – SupplementHunter.com (Read review)

Maximizing Results Through Stacking

LeanFire Ultimate produces amazing results on its own, but the effects are amplified when you combine it with other premium Force Factor offerings.  For example, Force Factor Pure BCAA uses the science of branched chain amino acids to promote muscle repair and protein synthesis of new muscle tissue. This reduces muscle soreness and allows bodybuilders to return to the gym faster than they otherwise could.

Pure BCAA also contains electrolytes and other vital nutrients to restore the body after an intense workout, making it the perfect complement to LeanFire Ultimate for those looking for dramatic results.

Using LeanFire Ultimate

LeanFire Ultimate is a pill taken 30-60 minutes before each of your first two large meals of the day. It should not be taken within four hours of going to bed.

Few products combine the energy of a stimulant while avoiding a crash and also offer cognitive boosters to make the most of the energy boost. This combination makes LeanFire Ultimate stand out in a crowded marketplace as a product worthy of attention.

LeanFire Ultimate is available on ForceFactor.com and GNC and will be in retail locations nationwide later this year.

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