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hair warrior

It is increasingly becoming harder to find a suitable hair product that responds well with your specific hair type. This is largely because there are numerous hair products currently retailing in the market making it difficult to pin-point the perfect product for you. However, there is a new and innovative hair product called Hair Warrior that promises to revolutionize the market.

What is Hair Warrior?

hair warrior

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Hair warrior is a groundbreaking hair product that not only hydrates your hair, but also protects it against breakage during combing, styling, or physical activity. This product cuts your hair preparation and styling time in half while promoting healthy and stronger hair.

Once applied, prior to physical activity, Hair Warrior utilizes your natural body heat to condition, smoothen, and protect every strand on your head. This essentially prevents hair damage, dryness, and strengthens your hair while promoting a modern, healthy lifestyle.

This heat-activated hair treatment protects all hair types against sweat while exercising. It replenishes any hydration lost during physical activity leaving your hair as strong as it was before exercising. It prevents salt produced with sweat from making your hair dull, brittle, and dry. Salt can really damage your hair!

How It Works

Hair Warrior has been specially formulated using high quality essential and botanical oils. The carefully composed hair formula essentially acts as a hair follicle electrolyte. It uses a patented formula that locks in water in the hair leaving it hydrated all day long. Consequently, this preserves the hair’s natural texture and color.

Once applied, it absorbs into your hair and settles. It is later activated by body heat during strenuous physical activity. It reduces fading and drying while promoting shine, softness, and strength.

Ingredients in Hair Warrior

Hair Warrior has been made using carefully selected and infused natural ingredients to come up with a rich and highly potent hair product. It is the perfect hair solution for running, power-walking, yoga, or any other strenuous activity you engage in. This product is vegan friendly and does not contain any glutens, parabens, and formaldehyde.

Below are the main ingredients in Hair Warrior:

  1. Quinoa: This botanical ingredient promotes healthy growth and adds girth to your hair. It contains vital amino acids that repair damaged hair. The amino acids target and repair the hair shaft resulting in a bottom-up protection and strengthening of each strand.
  2. Pro-Vitamin B5 and Bamboo: These help in rehydrating dry, damaged or processed hair. This reduces split ends, seals in moisture, and smoothens hair strands.
  3. Essential Oils: These include organic argan oil, jojoba seed oil, and Abyssinian oil. These oils hydrate hair leaving it well moisturized and shiny. They also help prevent color oxidation.
  4. Rosemary and Green Tea Extract: These not only act as antioxidants but also protect hair from natural environmental stresses that take a toll on hair when left unchecked.
  5. Eucalyptus: Invigorates the scalp, and provides natural antiseptic and antibacterial protection. It also rejuvenates hair.

How to Buy Hair Warrior

This product is currently available on the company’s official Hair Warrior website. It is offered in a 6oz tube that retails at $24.00, a case of 12 6oz tubes retailing at $288.00, and a special .68oz travel tube that costs $4.00.

Hair Warrior has infused top level science with beauty to come up with a top-notch hair product that is second to none in the cosmetic industry. When using this revolutionary hair product, you no longer have to plan your workouts around your hair. If you have problematic hair and love to stay physically fit, then this product is ideally made for you. Leave your hairdresser utterly speechless using the new Hair Warrior leave-in conditioner.

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