Force Factor Fuego Review: A Formidable Pre-Workout


Force Factor Fuego is an upcoming health supplement from Force Factor that helps amplify your training sessions before you workout. This new pre-workout is focused on boosting endurance and strength in longer sessions in the gym.

Not many people, especially within the health and fitness circles, have heard about this product since it’s relatively new and will be launched only in the second-half of 2017.  However, the product has been tested by a privileged few before its official launch – we were one of the lucky ones to get our hands on this supplement before anyone else!

Why Force Factor Fuego is Amazing?

Fuego highlights the need for energy, endurance and focus in training efforts. The supplement promotes a complete amalgamation of effects with intense focus, increased energy, improved power and strength, and significant muscle pumps. Force Factor Fuego stands out from the crowd of bodybuilding or health supplements for its proprietary blend (the details of which are presented in the next paragraph). It’s hard to see a health supplement company investing so much effort and time into a particular product – which is precisely the reason why Force Factor Fuego is so effective and amazing.  They have a fortitude of experience creating pre-workouts in the past like with VolcaNO Fury.

What Ingredients are in the Formula?

Force Factor Fuego ingredients labelForce Factor Fuego’s ingredients can be classified as two primary blends: Firestarter Energy Complex and Strength and Performance Matrix.

The ingredients part of the Firestarter blend are:

• L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that assists with improving dopamine and adrenaline production.
• Caffeine anhydrous helps with augmenting energy levels and metabolism.
• L-Theanine is another amino acid often used to help consumers suffering from anxiety.
• TeaCrine Theacrine serves as a mild sedative.
Toothed Clubmoss is used to treat inflammation, Alzheimer’s, and memory disorders.

The Strength and Performance blend comprises the following ingredients:

• L-Citrulline, a non-essential amino acid, which helps enhance the nitric oxide production in the body. It helps with better blood circulation.
• Taurine is an amino acid that assists with anxiety.
• Cordyceps helps enhance respiratory system’s functioning.
• Reishi is an herb that helps maintain good blood pressure and improves liver functioning.
• Shiitake is a rich vitamin D and vitamin B source.

A few other ingredients that are part of this group are king trumpet, lion’s mane, and turkey tail.

Organic and effective ingredients in Force Factor Fuego

Organic and effective ingredients in Force Factor Fuego

What is Everyone Saying About Force Factor Fuego?

The majority of people who’ve been lucky enough to try the product have only good things to say about Fuego.  (Check out this review from Most of them commented on the supplement helping them with their energy levels and also how it assists them with quick recovery. Also, quite a few have shared their observations on how Fuego helped them make muscle and also maintain them.

Most of the people who have shared their thoughts about Force Factor Fuego are people who have tried out various other supplements in the past without much success, and were trying out Fuego mostly as their last hope.

What Awesome Flavors Does Fuego Have? (UPDATED)

Before today, we did not know what flavors would be available.  As of now, we have confirmed that Fuego will come in three flavors: Fruit Punch, Blue Razz and Arctic Gumball. There are possibilities of more flavors getting added to shelves in the future.

When Will Force Factor Fuego be available?

As aforementioned, Force Factor Fuego would be available to buy for the general public in the latter half of 2017 – most probably in August.  When made available, Fuego will likely retail for $34.99. This is pretty much the sales and promotion approach Force Factor has taken up with its past products that are selling quite well now.  So it’s not surprising to see the company taking an identical path with Fuego.

Where to Buy Force Factor Fuego?

When available for purchase, Force Factor Fuego can be bought directly from Force Factor’s official website, and also on other online retail sites. The product would be available for purchase in offline stores as well such as GNC.

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