Crystal White Smile Review: Teeth Whitening, Simplified

Over time, your teeth can start to turn yellow. If you are a smoker or if you drink red wine or coffee regularly, it can leave stains on your teeth. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, you should check out Crystal White Smile.

Tired Of Yellow Teeth?

Have you ever held a napkin up to your teeth? This is the best way to see how yellow they actually are. Most people want to have a white, bright smile. If you don’t, it can make you feel uncomfortable when you are smiling and laughing. If your teeth are seriously stained, talking to others can be uncomfortable. You may even avoid social situations due to the appearance of your teeth. To correct the problem, you can get a whitening treatment done at your dentist office and they are very effective, however, these treatments are not covered by dental insurance and they are very expensive. If you want to achieve the whitest results without paying the high cost at the dentist office, you should look into Crystal White Smile.Crystal White Smile sells convenient refill kits.

A Higher Quality Home Solution

When it comes to over the counter whitening products, Crystal White Smile will give you the best results. The whitening strips that you can buy in the store can only whiten the enamel. If you have any deep set stains that go beyond the enamel, the whitening strips won’t help.

The same is true with over the counter whitening gel kits. Crystal White Smile works as well as the treatments provided by your dentist. Also, for best results, you would need to wear whitening strips for 2 hours a day for 7 days straight. In many cases, it can be difficult to keep the whitening strip on when you talk. Unless you can keep quiet for 2 hours, the whitening strips can be difficult to keep on your teeth.

Most of the whitening gels on the market can be very messy during application and it can be difficult to keep it on your teeth for the full length of the treatment. The gel used in Crystal White Smile is the same dental grade used by dentists and it can penetrate deeper than any home solution on the market today. Also, the application process and the treatment process are simple. It is much easier than other over the counter teeth whitening systems. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about making an appointment with your dentist to get the bright, white smile that you have always dreamed of.

How Do You Use Crystal White Smile?

Crystal White Smile is incredibly easy to useCrystal White Smile is easier to use than you might think. First, you would apply the dental grade whitener to your teeth. It goes on like a pen so there is no messy brush to worry about. When you have applied the whitener to your teeth, you would put the non-bulky mouth guard in your mouth. The mouth guard is equipped with LED lights which will activate the whitening gel immediately. To power the lights, you would simply plug the mouth guard into your Smartphone or computer. In 10 minutes, you can expect your teeth to be 8 shades whiter. This is the results that you can expect from a professional whitening in your dentist’s office. The kit also comes with a desensitizing gel. This will protect the enamel of your teeth and it will prevent sensitivity.

Buy or Blah?

If you are thinking about buying the Crystal White Smile system, it is definitely worth the cost and we’ve seen some brands supported on crowdfunding sites. It is less expensive than a professional whitening treatment at your dentist’s office and it is just as effective. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about taking time out of your busy schedule to make an appointment with your dentist. You can do the treatment right in the comfort of your own home and it only takes about 10 minutes. If you are looking for an effective home whitening kit, Clear White Smile is the easiest and the most effective product on the market today. In just minutes, you can have the bright, white smile that you have always dreamed of.

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