Comfort Cube Review

Comfort Cube Featured Stress Toy

The New “Stress Ball” For The Office and Home

Stress is a serious problem for many people, and chronic stress is more serious than you could imagine. Finding a happy medium to alleviate daily stress can be challenging but there are ways to minimize stress by distracting the busy thoughts inside your head.  If stress is a problem in your life, and you haven’t had success with supplements, you may want to consider a different option, namely the Comfort Cube.

What is the Comfort Cube?

The Comfort Cube is a high-quality device designed to relieve stress and anxiety and to increase your focus level. The device is small, but it provides tremendous results. With the Comfort Cube, you can begin to experience stress melt away within minutes.

Comfort Cube Review

It is designed to work for any man or woman, regardless of age. With the many functions of the Comfort Cube, there is surely a stress-relieving option for everyone. It is small enough to be discreet, so you can hold it in your hand while trying to pitch that new idea at work, or ask your boss for a raise, or give that big speech in front of your class or make it home on a crowded bus without having a panic attack.

The key features of the Comfort Cube are the small widgets, which allows you to click, flip, glide, spin, roll and breathe your way to reduced stress levels. On every side of the cube, there is a stress-relieving option just waiting to be discovered.

What are Stress Toys?

Stress toys are stress-busting products that are designed to help you alleviate stress. If you can remember the stress ball from the nineties, stress toys are the new replacement of the 21st century.  Each different option on the Comfort Cube has the ability to touch on different areas of stress for different types of people.

Click It

If you are a chronic pen clicker, but hate how obvious it is or the looks you get as you click that pen repeatedly, you will love the click widget. With three click buttons and two slide buttons, it was designed to please those chronic clickers.

Flip It

The flip switch allows you to flip a switch back and forth quietly for ultimate discretion, or you can flip it quickly to hear that distinct and satisfying sound.comfort cube

Roll It

With a rolling ball and three mechanical gears, the roll fidget widget allows you to reduce your stress levels as you roll your fingers over the ball. As an added bonus, according to Acupressure charts, rolling objects underneath your thumb can provide additional stress reduction and relief.


The breath widget was designed after worry stones and used as an effective tool to help you remember how to breathe correctly while easing anxiety and eliminating stress.

Glide It

The glide widget was designed after joystick gaming devices. It allows for 360-degree movement and is perfect for those who relieve stress with their favorite video games, or for those who just love the additional movement that the joystick design provides.

Spin It

The spinning widget is intended to act just like a dial, this circular option will bring your stress levels down with each rotation.

What are the Benefits of the Comfort Cube?

The world seems more stressful, hectic and fast-paced than ever before. Any device or method that can reduce stress levels is highly appreciative by all who enjoy it. However, many people suffer from adverse side effects from medications or just don’t see enough relief on a daily basis. Each person has their own unique way of dealing with stress, whether they go on long hikes or write journals. Some methods are healthier than others, but with the unique design of the Comfort Cube, it was designed to encompass a stress-relieving option for nearly everyone.

– Helps you relax
– Helps you stay focused
– Use it anywhere, anytime
– Discrete
– Healthy and effective
– No adverse side effects
– Lightweight and mobile

How Does the Comfort Cube Work?

The Comfort Cube works by allowing you to harness your floating thoughts, whether you fidget consciously or subconsciously. By diverting and channeling your attention, you will reduce your stress levels and increase your focus.

What Do Other People Think About the Comfort Cube?

With plenty of positive and glowing reviews, there is no reason you shouldn’t try this amazing device out as soon as possible. Here are just a few of the things people say about the Comfort Cube:

– “It changed my life!”
– “I love this little cube, it works!”
– “I instantly fell in love with my cube!”

Final Thoughts on the Comfort Cube

Overall, the Comfort Cube is affordable, effective and allows you to get through each anxious moment of life with ease. To order your stress-reducing cube of comfort, visit the company’s website and start enjoying less stress in your life today.

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  1. judy hiers | May 3, 2017 at 5:13 pm | Reply

    I mistakenly ordered a cube package (I only wanted one single cube). I emailed the company on 3/30, 1:16pm – approx. 1 ½ hrs after I originally placed my order. I received two separate emails back stating someone would be replying “asap”. The next email I received was an automated shipping email on 4/5, 7:20am stating my order had been shipped. Then on 4/5, 8:22am I FINALLY received an email from the company replying to my original email from 3/30 stating that “orders are processed as soon as they are placed & my package was already processed for shipment”. Why then does the 4/5 automated shipping email state: “your order 758A25A4AB is on its way, and can no longer be changed”. I tried to change my order! There were four business days between 3/30 & 4/5, what happened? Between the shipping email stating my order can no longer be changed and someone finally contacting me back “asap” stating orders are processed as soon as they are placed…these are contradictory statements & are confusing. I returned the entire unused order, paid for return postage myself (including my whole explanation in the return package as well).
    5/2 I received an automated email stating my card was refunded $39.37. I emailed them asking where the rest of my $ was. Received a response email the next day stating “Your account was already refunded when you called in on 05/02. The amount has been refunded on your account is $39.37.” I emailed them yet again w/ my explanation, I would like $16.88 I’m still due & would like to speak w/ a supervisor. I’m done dealing w/ a crooked company but wanted to at least warn others.

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