Cellogica Review – How Does It Work?

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What Is Cellogica?

Cellogica is a skin care product shown to not only reduce the effects of aging on the skin but also stop and reverse the visible signs of aging on the skin. The product consists of a preventative day cream and a restorative night cream. According to the manufacturer, Cellogica uses stem cell technology to enhance, protect, repair and restore the surface of the skin helping to maintain the youthful, healthy, glow.

The Many Benefits of Using Cellogica

Cellogica is specially formulated to help users experience several benefits. This is due in large part to what is described as the product’s two secrets of youth. The two-fold action, allows Cellogica users to enjoy benefits that include:

– Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet
– Increasing/fortifying the UV rays and free radicals barrier of the skin
– Reducing the appearance of blemishes
– Creating an even skin tone

Those using Cellogica as directed will be both repairing their skin and stopping the loss of the skin’s stem cells – thereby reversing the signs of aging in the skin. Best of all, these benefits and results are available with virtually no side effects thanks to the fact that Cellogica’s ingredients are natural and designed to work with the natural functions of components in the skin as opposed to against them.

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How It Works: About Cellogica’s Active Ingredients

A specially formulated product, the secret to Cellogica’s success is found in the quality of its active ingredients and science. Cellogica uses breakthrough stem cell technology using two very powerful stem cell extract derived from Alpine Rose (Rhododendron Ferrugineum) rare swiss apples (Malus Domestica). Here’s how each of the ingredients works.

Malus Domestica Stem Cell (Rare Swiss Apples)

Rare swiss apples are known for its excellent longevity and ability to age without shriveling or wrinkling. The main function of this extract is to help preserve and maintain the human skin stem cells, thereby helping to maintain the skin’s self-renewal capacity.

Rhododendron Ferrugineum Stem Cell (The Alpine Rose)

The Alpine Rose is known to survive and thrive while experiencing the most extreme of weather conditions. By cultivating this species using PhytoCellTec, anti-aging experts have been able to isolate the metabolites and epigenetic factors and create the specially formulated liposomal extract. Thanks to this extract, the function of the skin stem cells can be preserved and protected from the harsh elements of the environment.

MAC 5 Complex

As the name suggests, the Mac 5 Complex is a serum that combines five of the leading anti-aging science ingredients available today. This serum has been specially formulated to work together synergistically to soften lines and wrinkles, lock in hydration and firm the skin, shrink pores and even skin tone, and stimulate collagen production. All these functions combine to ensure that the skin stays young, fresh and healthy looking.


This was developed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles

RonaFlair LDP

Referred to as the “RED CARPET READY” ingredient, this is used to soften the look of wrinkles instantly by acting as a functional filler that accomplished diffused light distribution which makes lines and wrinkles less obvious

Hyaluronic Acid

This ingredient is incorporated to hold moisture in the skin and aid tissue repair to help reduce and remove wrinkles, as well as fortify collagen and elastin to reinforce the skin’s barrier function


A muscle relaxer described as better than Botox without the invasive needles, SYN-AKE mimics the function of a peptide in Temple Viper snake’s venom and has been shown in an independent study to reduce wrinkles by up to 52% over a 28-day period

Directions for Use

Using Cellogica is easy. Being that the product is a cream, it is applied topically. Applying Cellogica directly to the affected area of the skin in generous amounts is the first step to getting the best results from the product’s use.

After cleansing the face in the morning, simply apply the Day Cream which will protect and enhance the skin by blocking out the effects of harsh weather conditions, including the sun’s UV rays. At night, cleanse the skin again and apply the Night Cream, allowing the same to repair, restore, and regenerate the skin.

More About the Science Behind Cellogica

Cellogica is based on skin stem cell technology. Skin stem cells regenerate healthy, new skin cells, but are limited in number and life expectancy. As people age, the number of active skin stem cells become even further reduced and inactive. This skin stem cell depletion is largely regarded as the primary cause of aging in the skin. To stop and reverse this aging process, Cellogica uses two powerful skin stem cell extracts to stop the depletion of existing skin stem cells and regenerate new ones, while increasing the barrier function of the skin.

Where Can You Purchase Cellogica?

Ordering Cellogica is very easy.  Most orders are placed online where selecting a package is pain free and requires very little time out of your day.  Check out their website here to order different packages and to get a feel what may be best for you.  Here’s the current pricing we found:


30 Day Supply: $129.95
90 Day Supply: $259.90
150 Day Supply: $389.85

According to Cellogica, all purchases come with Total Body Wellness Support – a supplement that compliments Day and Night Creams.

How To Contact The Company

By Phone – Customer Service
M-F 7AM-7PM Pacific Standard Time
Phone: 661-208-3477
Fax: 661-554-7105
By Email
Standard Mail
PO Box 4387
Chatsworth, CA-91311

Click Here To Order Cellogica From The Official Website

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