Best Testosterone Booster Supplements for Men in 2021

“Discover the Best Testosterone Booster Supplements that help men over 30 turn into Shredded, Bedroom-Barbarians…

Dear reader,

If you’re over 30 years old, chances are you probably have lost the lust for life… among lust for other things.

You may be feeling slow, lethargic, and tired all the time.

And quite frankly… 

You may have low testosterone numbers.

This past year has had us stressed out with ever-changing policies, on and off quarantine, in the office, working from home, and back again. It’s also had us being lazier than ever and trying to get in shape without a gym for the better part of a year.  But the fact is, your levels of testosterone are dropping.

We’ve just had to work out in the garage, do pushups, and try walking every day…

What’s even worse is with all these stressors, most men’s testosterone levels have likely tanked.

But fortunately, you can fix low testosterone.  You can even increase your total testosterone levels with supplementation in a matter of weeks.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, but with our picks for the best testosterone booster supplements in 2021, you may feel as if you could do the job yourself!

If you’re wanting an extra edge for lean muscle, build muscle mass and increase muscle growth, or boost your presence the moment you walk into the bedroom – you’re in luck.

The testosterone boosters featured here are the quickest way to increase the production of testosterone without having to change things up elsewhere.

Do These Testosterone Boosters Really Work?

With the constant stress of today’s world, many men suffer from low testosterone production.  As you’ll see, there are a few differences between the best testosterone boosters reviewed here.  Namely the natural ingredients and varying amounts of what’s in them.  There’s even one with some rare, exotic ingredients you might not have tried before that deliver a real punch to low testosterone levels.

Because from what we’ve found, most users are big fans of these brands.

In short – they work wonders.

We’ve even seen clinical tests on an NCAA football team that saw a 30% spike in total testosterone and muscle growth after using one of these testosterone boosters (but more on that later).

My experience with testosterone boosters

Let’s be honest, you probably don’t have the body you really want.

Or maybe you’re halfway there and need a little extra kick to get to the finish line and shore up those low testosterone levels.

At least, that’s the boat I’m in…

I’m happy with my body right now but it’s not quite there yet.

I’ve been training every single week for the past 12 months: 4 days a week lifting, eating the right foods (no cheat meals here), and piling cardio on my “rest days”.

And while I do rest and recover, I still haven’t leaned out…

I’m 36 years old and stay pretty active my production of testosterone is steadily declining.  I increasingly have stubborn stomach flab and soft saggy skin on my arms. And no matter what diet I try, I haven’t been able to lose the rest and get ripped the way I want.

Recently though, I had a breakthrough…

I had a few friends let me in on a little secret about testosterone for men like you and me.

Now, these guys are strong.  I mean… STRONG!  They’re deadlifting close to 600lbs with no straps, bench pressing in the 300’s, and squatting TWICE their bodyweight for multiple reps.

The thing is – they’re all over 40 and cut like granite…

And I’m in my 30s with lingering belly flab.  I can’t lift anywhere near the weight these guys can.  And what’s even worse, I’ve been lifting and dieting for years… with no success at getting a ripped body.

What’s the big secret – Increased Testosterone Levels?

Now I know you probably don’t need a rundown on why testosterone levels decrease for men after 30.  You’ve done your homework – you know your testosterone production has faded.

Heck, you probably feel it decreasing every day as I do.  You get tired easily as your energy levels have withered by simply doing chores or playing with your kids, and your interests have washed away.

But there is an answer…

It’s pivotal to increase your testosterone levels in the body. Especially if you want the virility you had when you were younger. While increasing free testosterone levels can clear up some signs of low test, they can’t take you to the level you want to be at…

Testosterone Boosters work and can help you in many ways:

  • Improved SEX drive ( you’ll be hornier than ever before!)
  • Massive increases in “get-things-done” levels of energy.  (No project goes unnoticed or sits for years).
  • Muscle gains from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding!  If you’re doing basic workouts, you’ll start to notice these muscles GROW and finally see those veins popping through your shirt after all these years…
  • Your friends will take notice of your increased confidence. Maybe their wives will too…
  • …and more!

Why are testosterone levels so important?

Achieving sufficient production of testosterone is imperative.  If you want to be healthy, strong, and happy, well past your 30s then testosterone is one hormone you need to keep in check.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone that drives many important functions in our body.  And low levels of testosterone can lead to an increased risk for heart disease and obesity, as well as a decrease in libido or sex drive and even depression – and no one wants that.

So what’s the best level? It varies from person to person depending on age and health factors. The best testosterone level to ensure optimal health for an adult male is the mid-range of normal, usually between 300ng/dL and 800ng/dL is best for men. Although there is no magic number, this range helps ensure that your levels of testosterone in the body function properly and is set up to sustain muscle mass.

Which begs the question, “What exactly does testosterone do?”

Testosterone is essential for building muscle mass, strength and stamina, as well as aiding increased bone density. All important aspects to consider for anyone trying to improve their overall health and aesthetic.

What are the effects of low testosterone production?

With low testosterone levels, you’ll likely encounter problems with body composition like decreased muscle mass and strength.

The signs of low testosterone are plenty but what follows are some key indicators that can signal things are slowing down as you get up in age.

A decrease in lean body mass and muscle strength can be caused by abnormally low testosterone levels. This decrease in muscle mass and strength can manifest itself both visibly and internally.  Under a microscope, the tissue of your muscles will appear atrophied or shrunken if your testosterone is low enough.

On the other hand, you may find that you no longer have the endurance or stamina to perform certain physical tasks that you used to do easily before when your testosterone was higher.

The decreased muscle mass means that you won’t be able to build as much muscle and strength as quickly with testosterone therapy alone.

Another issue is an increase in body fat and obesity.

An increase in body fat is another common symptom of low testosterone levels. While it does not necessarily mean that you will gain quite a bit of weight, your waistline may expand as your muscles shrink.

The big one – Low Sex Drive

Lower levels of testosterone can lead to a drop off in sexual performance and even a desire to engage in sexual activity in general.  Unfortunately, this is all too common in men with lower numbers needing to boost testosterone.

The good news is if you feel your drive is low and your interest in sex has fallen – these testosterone boosters could be all you need to get back up to speed.

How do you get your testosterone levels checked?

The best way to evaluate your testosterone levels is by having a blood test. If you have a doctor, he can easily test your testosterone level without the need for any extra at-home tests.  It’s the quickest way to see if your testosterone production is up to speed or not.

Doing it yourself at home? Here’s how:

If you want to test your testosterone levels at home, you can buy a lab-quality saliva testing kit online. They aren’t too expensive and are easy to use. But before you get one, make sure to consult with your health care provider.

If you want to dive in deeper into checking your current testosterone production levels, we’ve actually covered the best way to get them checked at home at this link right here.

But the best way to increase testosterone levels right now – FROM HOMEis through safe, lab-certified, testosterone boosters.

What are the Best Testosterone Boosters for 2021?

#1 TestRXTestRX-Review

TestRX is our pick for the top testosterone booster you can purchase online today.  Bar none.

Here’s why we think this testosterone supplement is #1…

TestRX Key Ingredients

TestRX has a key ingredient not found in many other testosterone booster supplements – ZMA, or Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate.

What does ZMA do? Well, combined with Vitamin B6 it helped top NCAA college football players drastically increase their HGH in a clinical study. Not many other testosterone booster ingredients can claim that either.  But TestRX can!

Other natural ingredients in TestRX include:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K2
  • Vitamin B6
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Fenugreek 50%

Can TestRX increase sex drive?

You’re darn right it can.  TestRX works as a testosterone booster supplement to increase the muscle’s potential for growth.  As you take TestRX, even if you’re not working out with a strength regimen, your increased energy levels will automatically heighten your confidence – and everyone will take notice. Hell, you’ll probably want to start working out more often anyways as TestRX is best for building muscle.

For this reason alone, we think it’s the strongest testosterone booster you can pick up without needing to see a physician.

You’ll feel more confident.  And when you feel more confident, your risk barriers lower.  It’s kind of magical, really.  Every man is different, but the bottom line is this:

More testosterone in the body = Higher Confidence Levels. 

And with higher confidence levels… well… the clothes hit the floor!

What do customers say about TestRX?

TestRX customer testimonial

Jose reported noticing a big difference in week 2 of taking the recommended dose of TestRX every day.  It didn’t upset his stomach in the evening even with just a small snack.  He reports seeing a sizeable increase in energy overall.

TestRx Customer Testimonial 2

Another customer reports that TestRX is not junk or a scam like some other testosterone boosting supplements out there. It’s a slow and steady working supplement that does exactly what it’s supposed to do.  He even noticed a quicker change to his body after taking it only a few days.

Again though, everyone is going to be different, the testosterone boosting ingredients in TestRX seem to speak for themselves.

Overall, a lot of men seem to give TestRX top marks.

We think it’s a great option for men over 30 looking to increase their testosterone with a safe, effective, and legal Testosterone Booster supplement.

There are even a few different options for ordering TestRX as well:

Option 1: 1 Month Supply of TestRX
Option 2: 2 Month Supply Of TestRX
Option 3: 3 Month Supply Of TestRX
Option 4: 4 Month Supply of TestRX
Option 5: 5 Month Supply of TestRX
Option 6: 6 Month Supply of TestRX

How to Order TestRX?

It’s easy and secure.

We suggest ordering a 2 month supply of TestRX, even if you’re just starting it. Giving yourself at least 2 months to fully let it kick in and work with you is a small price to pay and a small amount of time to allow for any supplement.

TestRX is NOT A FREE TRIAL.  Free trials tend to have terrible reputations due to their billing practices.

Ordering from the main website here ensures that the company will back up your order in the event anything goes wrong.  Also, by ordering from them directly, you get a 67 Day Satisfaction Guarantee (7 days to ship + 60 days).

You can’t get that kind of guarantee in a brick-and-mortar store anymore. Ordering online is the way to go these days.

#2 Testogen

testogen review

Testogen comes in at our #2 spot – but only just!

Priced similarly to TestRX, this all-natural testosterone booster can help you accomplish a lot of the same effects as TestRX but with varying amounts of ingredients.  Due to the additional and diverse ingredients list, we think certain men simply may not like some of the effects of certain ingredients… like Bioperine for instance.

So let’s just go ahead and get into what makes it really different…

What are the natural ingredients in Testogen?

Testogen is composed of what all great testosterone boosters typically have.  At least the bare-bone foundations of what actually works. Here are the core natural ingredients:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K1
  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • D-Aspartic Acid

Any of these sound familiar?  You bet!  Some of these are also included in TestRX.  It’s because they’re proven to work at increasing overall testosterone in men over 30 (when natural testosterone levels tend to spiral down). With an added benefit to increasing overall energy levels, if you’re also working out regularly this testosterone booster could help you increase natural testosterone production on top of muscle mass as well.

Talk about a win-win…

Now, what really makes Testogen different though is what they add to their testosterone boosting supplement:

  • Nettle leaf extract
  • Korean Red Ginseng Extract
  • Fenugreek Extract (also in TestRX but different ratio)
  • Boron
  • Black Pepper Extract (Bioperine – this is why Testogen is at #2)

So why the mark for Bioperine even though this supplement is made from natural ingredients?

Simply because myself and others aren’t too crazy about it.  It does have the effects of pepper.  It can be a little spicy.  Supplements with Bioperine do tend to make you feel a little flushed to the cheeks and warm throughout your body.  There is clinical research that shows Black Pepper Extract increases metabolism so it could help you lose weight too – ever so slightly.

The Black Pepper Extract here is so small though that you may not even notice it – only about 5mg.  It just really depends on how sensitive you are to the capsaicin in peppers.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract – The Power Player

The health benefits of red ginseng powder have been known to produce more testosterone in men in various degrees.  This could be because Korean red ginseng is harvested at a much later time in its life span than its typical white variant.   Korean red ginseng is a more mature version of the plant that could be why it’s known for packing a powerful punch.

Some of its common health benefits include:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Increases mental performance
  • Increasing sexual performance (read erectile dysfunction)
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Speeding up energy levels and fighting “tiredness”
  • Could also lower blood sugar

How Does Testogen Work? Will It Increase Sex Drive?

Testogen probably has a slight edge over TestRX in increasing sex drive depending on your sensitivity to some of the exotic ingredients.

Makes sense, right?

One natural ingredient, Korean Ginseng, may actually help you perform better in bed …and in the gym for that matter.  You may find your “rhythm” to be improved as Korean Ginseng enhances motor skills and sharpens your hand-eye coordination.  That’s especially useful in daily life as we get older.

Ever find yourself fumbling around with tools in the garage lately?  Yeah, you may need to boost testosterone levels.

Since Testogen does share a lot of core ingredients with TestRX, it is safe to say that you will experience a lot of the other libido improvements if you try it.  It’s probably not the strongest testosterone booster around, but it sure is effective at boosting libido.

Both Testogen and TestRX both have the same amounts of Zinc (10mg) which is great.  The slight edge here goes to TestRX with its addition of ZMA.

What do customers say about Testogen? Is it a Scam?

Testogen is not a scam. And neither is TestRX for that matter.  They don’t have any shady billing practices that so many companies do in this space.  What’s better is that they do ship internationally and you can call them right up on the phone and speak to a real person.

Give it a try: +1 646 809 7461

They’re legit.

You can even save 20% on your order by using “CORONA20” during checkout.  Reassuring proof they have a sense of humor too.

There are tons of positive reviews for Testogen.

Many customers rave about Testogen and how quickly they can tell a difference in energy spikes and performance in the bedroom.

However while it does seem to work for a lot of people, it looks as if they have had quality control issues in the past from people buying from Amazon.  The thing is, when you order from Amazon and not directly from the company – they can’t guarantee anything for you.  You’re in Amazon’s hands.  And Amazon has a ton of warehouses where it’s tough to manage quality control.

3rd party resellers can’t guarantee anything but taking your money – whereas supporting the company directly gives you the added benefit of having people you can call and talk to.

Right now, Testogen ensures they take proper steps to safeguard against the spread of any nasty viruses going around today.  They use face-masks and gloves when packing your order and contactless delivery service.

How to Order Testogen?

For a 100% money-back guarantee, order directly from their website here.  Or call them up to place an order over the phone.  You can save more money if you buy in bulk though.

Here are their different ordering options:

1 month Supply – $60
2 month Supply – $119 (plus 1 month free)
3 month Supply – $179 (plus 2 months free)

A solid product and maybe even deserving of our number one spot.  But with Bioperine, it’s going to be up to how you react to it as well as the other exotic ingredients.

And lastly…

#3 Prime Labs – Prime Test

Prime Labs Prime Test review

Coming in at #3 in our Top 3 Testosterone Boosters for 2020 is Prime Test, from Prime Labs.  One of the top consistent sellers on Amazon for a good reason – it’s cheap at only $20 a bottle.  Now I know I just gave you a brief dissertation about Amazon, but for the price, it’s kind of hard to beat.

The reason it’s at number 3 on the list is actually for a few points we’ll discuss.

What Are Prime Labs’ Prime Test “Testosterone Booster” Ingredients?

To start they’re missing a big one! Zinc!

While it could be in their proprietary blend of “Testosterone Booster” it’s not listed on their ingredients list on the bottle.  I’m not really sure why they don’t list this but all is not lost.  If I were paying for Zinc in my supplement, I’d sure as heck display that to a customer.

They do have some pretty potent and proven natural ingredients they do list:

  • Tongkat Ali
  • Saw Palmetto Extract
  • Orchic Substance
  • Calcium
  • Horny Goat Weed Extract
  • Wild Yam Extract
  • Nettle Extract
  • Sasparilla
  • Boron

Once again, you probably notice a few of these mentioned in Testogen with the addition of a few new ones.  Most of these ingredients do support testosterone levels increasing but the fact that Zinc is missing is beyond me.

But that leads us to the reason why it is missing…

Prime Lab’s Prime Test – Does It Work? Why Is It cheap?

Hey, it’s a good price point for most people looking for an extra energy increase and performance in bed.  At $20, you can’t argue with that which is why it also has over 40,000+ reviews on Amazon.

Since it is missing Zinc, that could allude to its price point. Zinc is sought after in supplement industries.  And while it is cheap-ish from an industrial standpoint when buying the stuff raw, profit margins matter.  If it did have Zinc, I would suspect this testosterone supplement to be roughly $35-$40 a bottle.

So for the price, it makes sense.

What Do Customers Say About Prime Labs Prime Test?

Overwhelming positive reviews of Prime Labs flourish across the web.  The key thing here to recognize is that most of the ingredients support energy level increases, fat loss, stamina when you’re in the bedroom doing business as well as other testosterone-like traits.

So while most people have great things to say about it, they could be raving about things other than testosterone increases.  It’s up for debate but who really knows.

The fact is, a lot of people seem to like them.

It’s a great price point, seems to do the trick, and the logo is sweet.

Personally, I think that if Prime Labs had Zinc on their label and in their product, they could raise their price slightly and still keep their customer base happy.

They’d probably even take our number 1 spot.

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements 2021 Conclusion – Who Really Won?

Coming in at #1 is TestRX.

By far, we think this is your best bet for a safe, efficient, and clinically tested testosterone booster supplement.  Made from natural ingredients, these components do all the work here and speak for themselves in raising low testosterone by spiking natural testosterone production.

Especially their KEY INGREDIENT – ZMA…

I’m confident you’ll be impressed by TestRX, their satisfaction guarantee, and their delivery times. Not to mention they offer worldwide shipping.

We think it’s the best for men looking to shore up lower test numbers.

Order TestRX directly by Clicking Here.


In second place is Testogen

Being our runner-up testosterone booster supplement, Testogen has a lot of what you want.  It has solid ingredients that are proven to work time and time again, happy customers, and very safe handling practices in this age of super-viruses.

The only thing is that some of their exotic ingredients in this testosterone booster may not sit well with you.  Like I’ve said before, it’s going to vary from person to person but just keep this in mind if you want to give Testogen a try.

Order Testogen directly from their website.

In third place is Prime Test

Prime Labs Prime Test is a winner in many degrees: It’s affordable, it has glowing reviews (over 40,000+ on Amazon), and pretty decent natural ingredients.  However, it seems to be missing Zinc – A big ingredient that is 100% proven to increase natural testosterone production and help you get deep sleep at night.

With that said, it’s hard to knock though.  At $20 a bottle and fulfilled by Amazon, you’re only taking a small risk.  If you order, you may get it within a few days.. or a few weeks!

Order Prime Labs directly on

Does increasing testosterone production increase help build muscle?

Increasing testosterone levels alone are not enough to increase muscle mass.

While it is true that higher testosterone levels can help you build more muscle mass, there are other factors involved, such as your genetics, your weight training and diet regimen, and how your body reacts to testosterone.

Also keep in mind that the health benefits of having a low body fat percentage and large amounts of muscle mass, simply increasing your testosterone levels may just step up your energy levels.  Because if you’re already sub 20% body fat but want to get leaner, focus more on diet and certain carb choices.

If you’re looking for increased muscle mass, you may want to reassess your current diet and exercise regimen while you boost testosterone levels with supplementation.

What Testosterone Boosters have you tried? We want to hear from you!

We’re always open to hearing from the community.  Is there a better testosterone booster that you’ve tried that works for you?  Do you have one we want to review?

Let us know!