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ED Affects Millions of Men – AndroGenyx Could Help

Erectile dysfunction is a frustrating and embarrassing condition that affects millions of men. The condition causes symptoms such as partial erections and the inability to obtain an erection at all. Some other symptoms that the condition causes are irritability, depression and low self-esteem. ED has a number of causes, but one of the most common causes is a decrease in a man’s testosterone level. A drop in testosterone can cause the inability to achieve or maintain an erection as well as the loss of desire for intercourse of any kind. AndroGenyx is a product that can accommodate.

What Is AndroGenyx?

AndroGenyx is a supplement line that a man can take in order to reinvigorate his stamina and strength in the bedroom. He can take two capsules a day and see significant results. What the compound does is it uses natural ingredients to kick-start testosterone production in the body. It could be quite an effective solution for a man who does not want to take testosterone shots. For a small investment he can possibly solve his issues and be happy and full of energy again – and in the bedroom!

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Ingredients in AndroGenyx

AndroGenyx has quite a few ingredients in it that contribute to the user’s wellness. One ingredient that stands out is vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 is also known as niacin. Niacin can help a person who takes it to lower cholesterol levels, improve stomach functions, strengthen the nervous system, and increase good blood flow. Another element that is in AndroGenyx is zinc. Zinc has a strong reputation for boosting energy and reducing stress.

Other ingredients that come in these capsules are ingredients such as tongkat ali, argmatine, and more. Tongkat ali has anti-cancer agents as well as libido enhancing qualities.  Learn more about Tongkat Ali at the National Library of Medicine.

Benefits of Taking AndroGenyx

There are many benefits to taking this product. One of the main benefits is that a man can boost his self esteem. Dealing with erectile dysfunction is disheartening and frustrating for all members that are involved. The man’s wife may feel as if he no longer loves her if he does not desire to lie with her. That may cause arguments or other misunderstandings. The man may be able to restore his relationship if this product works for him. He can also save money on doctor’s bills is this product proves to be a working solution.

Physically the product is capable of enhancing a man’s current erection by boosting the blood flow and expanding his blood vessels. It can make him more “robust” so that he and his partner can have a better connection. The product is also known to increase stamina so that the users can perform intercourse for a lengthier period than normal.

The increased blood flow and stamina may heighten sensitivity for the male, which can make the experience more enjoyable for both parties. Anyone who is having problems may want to try this as a solution before anything else.

How Can You Order AndroGenyx?

The ordering process for this product is pretty simple. You will most likely have a short form to complete when you go to order the product. Just put in your details and advance to the payment page where you can make a secure payment. You shipment will come within a matter of days. From that point, you can try the product. You will have a certain amount of time to explore the product and request a resolution if you are not happy with it. You should be able to receive a refund if you contact the company within the allotted time.

Nugenix Supplement

AndroGenyx Alternatives

If AndroGenyx isn’t for you, no problem! There are many supplements on the market which do similar things and we suggest checking out the popular supplement, Nugenix.

You might already be familiar with Nugenix as they advertise on TV and radio and their supplement is sold around the country at GNC locations. Nugenix is one of the best free testosterone boosting supplements on the market so if you’re your looking for other options, consider Nugenix.

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