Alpha King – The New King of Free-Testosterone Boosters

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What Is Alpha King?

Alpha King is a new product aiming to increase free testosterone in men from Force Factor. It features a new powerful ingredient called AlphaFen.  Testosterone has a variety of beneficial effects on the male body, including muscular growth, higher energy levels, and improved performance in bed.  However, as we know, testosterone levels naturally decline as men age.  This causes Andropause, the male equivalent of Menopause, during which muscle mass, energy, and libido all decrease.

The best way to find a supplement you can trust is to use a manufacturer with a strong reputation in the industry.

Force Factor is one company you should definitely look into. They have been a premier player in the fitness industry since earning GNC’s coveted Rising Star award in 2009, creating an entire lifestyle brand in the process. Their latest free-testosterone booster, Alpha King, has the potential to revolutionize the space as we currently know it.

The Game Changer From Force Factor

Force Factor Alpha King will change the fitness industry through the use of its signature ingredient, AlphaFen. If you’re familiar with the all-natural fenugreek extract called Testofen, AlphaFen is similar but even more powerful.  Let’s take a closer look at this powerful ingredient.

AlphaFen, the New Free-Testosterone Boosting Ingredient

Like Testofen, AlphaFen is an extract from the fenugreek plant. It’s more bio-available than Testofen though, meaning that the body finds it easier to absorb. The problem with many supplements is that they do not absorb well enough to accomplish much of anything. As a result, you end up having to take additional supplements just to transform ingredients into usable ingredients.  Otherwise, it’s just passed through the body.  AlphaFen’s increased availability allows users to get the full effect with only one pill while other products expect you to take two or more.

AlphaFen also boasts a higher concentration of sapogenins than Testofen does. These natural substances inhibit an enzyme called aromatase that converts testosterone into estrogen – a process that individuals looking to increase their levels of free testosterone want no part of. Eliminating these enzymes makes it that much easier to maintain healthy testosterone levels.


How Does Alpha King Work?

Alpha King contains a number of active ingredients besides AlphaFen that help make the product more effective. For instance, Diindolylmethane (commonly abbreviated as DIM) helps inhibit aromatase to prevent testosterone from turning into estrogen. The compound also breaks estrogen down into a less active form, muting the impact it has on the body.

Healthy circulation is required to use the benefits of testosterone, so Alpha King contains Tribulus Terrestris to promote blood flow to your extremities. This ensures that your muscles have all of the oxygen and nutrients they need to power through your day.

Finally, black maca is an herb that offers increased strength and stamina to athletes. The effect is quite similar to that of testosterone, making black maca an ideal complement to it for athletes and non-athletes alike!

What Makes Alpha King So Different Than Other Free Testosterone Boosters?

All of the above translates to a myriad of advantages Alpha King enjoys over competing products. AlphaFen is the best product of its kind on the market, delivering the safe and all-natural results men crave. Its increased bio-availability also means that memorizing a complicated set of directions is unnecessary.  Simply take 1 capsule each day with breakfast – that’s it!

Rob Miller of Supplement Critique rates Alpha King 4.5 out of 5 stars, noting enhanced libido and energy, as well as improved mood and athletic performance.

Finally, the product is endorsed by multi-sport athlete Bo Jackson. No other free testosterone booster can say that!

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Where Can Alpha King Be Purchased?

Force Factor’s Alpha King is available at GNC and Walmart Stores nationwide and online.

Why Should Men Try Alpha King?

Men should try Alpha King if Andropause is hindering their performance in bed and/or at the gym. It is also a strong solution if you’re running out of energy before the day is over. Between the manufacturer producing it, the clinically-proven formulation, and the affordable price point, there are few better products on the market than Alpha King.

Give Alpha King A Try Today!


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