Veer Cosmetics Review – Can It Conceal A Sharpie Marker?

veer cosmetics review

What Is Veer Cosmetics?

Veer Cosmetics is a high-quality and powerful foundation designed to effectively cover your entire skin surface. In fact, this revolutionary and innovative makeup product continues to receive stellar customer reviews and industry ratings.

As an all-natural and liquid-based solution, Veer Cosmetics formulas cover up a myriad of common and extensive skin conditions. This includes acne and blemishes, along with laugh lines, wrinkles, crinkles, and even Crow’s Feet. With clean and even distribution, these products are available in a number of shades that effectively correlate with any skin color.

Available Veer Cosmetics Shades:

• Chocolate
• Cocoa
• Medium Beige
• Natural
• Nude
• Nutmeg

These essential skincare products can easily be integrated with any daily routine. Customers have heralded the products and brand for producing timely and long-lasting results. In fact, the formulas are designed to protect and cover the skin for hours on end. They can easily be wiped away with water at the end of the day as well.

Veer Cosmetics FoundationWhy Women Love Veer Cosmetics?

Women seem to love Veer Cosmetics for a number of reasons. For one, product reviews and testimonials continue to highlight the easy application and distribution of the products as a whole. In fact, these cosmetics can even cover up Sharpie marker stains on any part of the face, neck, or skin. They also improve overall skin tone, while restoring natural pores, shine, and vibrancy.

Women also love the clear, clean, and firm appearance these products produce on a daily basis. Whether for work or play, women are easily able to cover up pimples, blemishes, and other undesirable features with products that match the foundation and skin tone. With ease of use and timely results, Veer Cosmetics is rapidly taking the makeup and beautification industries by storm.

What Ingredients Make Up Veer Cosmetics?

Veer products are proudly made in the USA and feature all-natural ingredients. There is never any oily or residue left behind, and absolutely no chemicals or harmful substances within their product line. They do not include any synthetic substances, fillers, additives, or other harsh chemicals found in other makeup or skin-treatment products and lotions.

Veer items never test their products on animals, and always promotes healthy and great looking skin every day. Customers simply need to follow user-friendly instruction on each bottle to achieve optimal and maximum results. Veer Cosmetics features the following ingredients for your convenience:

Stearic Acid – this acid is derived from tropical plants and helps hydrate and cleanse the epidermis from within. Used in a variety of skin-care and makeup products, Stearic acid also foliate the skin, while restoring pores and leaving the epidermis look, feel, and smell fresh all day long.

Petrolatum – this is also known as Petroleum jelly and designed to protect the skin from chapping, flaking, and dryness. This essential topical skin ointment keeps skin feeling fresh and shiny for any occasion. Most of all, it effectively hydrates pores and is a great way to combat acne, blemishes, and other common or extensive skin problems.

Paraffinum Liquidum – this essential mineral oil helps protect the skin from fungus, blemishes, and other undesirable issues. The oil is also strong enough to safely remove makeup residue, and also works as a clear jelly to prevent skin irritation, dryness, flaking and other common issues.

Triethanolamine – this ingredient is used in a lot of skincare products, lotions and creams. It helps keep the skin smelling fresh, while reducing surface tensions and irritation. It also helps smooth the epidermis and removes any bumpy areas stemming from excessive makeup or ointment residue.

Candelilia Wax – this ingredient originates from Candelilia leaves found in Northern Mexico. As a glazing agent, this wax keeps the skin smooth and helps remove debris and other residue found on the skin. The wax also helps glaze the skin for a more youthful, vibrant, and clean appearance.

What Are People Saying About Veer Cosmetics?

People all over the world are praising Veer Cosmetics for helping them look and feel younger. In fact, Google has plenty of positive reviews, industry ratings, and customer testimonials on how amazing these products are. From covering blemishes, spots, and tackling acne to leaving no oil residues behind, Veer products continue to soar in popularity and also make wonderful gifts as well.

veer cosmetics reviews

Where Can You Buy Veer Cosmetics?

You can purchase a wide range of Veer Cosmetics online. Check their website for daily discounts, promotional specials, and great deals on all Veer Cosmetics and accessories.

Refund Policy:  Veer has a 30 day return and exchange policy. You can return your ordered product to Veer Cosmetics within 30 days upon the receipt of your product. Refunds can be applied to original credit card used at the time of purchase.  Simply contact or call 1-877-900-0329.

Benefits of Using Veer Cosmetics?

There are so many benefits of using Veer Cosmetics daily. This includes covering the skin in an easy and professional manner. Whether for work, play, or last minute guests — these lotions and ointments are designed to match your skin tone and color, while hiding blemishes, skin rashes, wrinkles, crinkles, and so much more. They also work great in removing makeup and other skin applications or creams.

What’s the Verdict?

This all-natural powerful cover-up formulate is truly a big winner. Simply check the Web to learn more about the benefits of using Veer Cosmetics and you will not be disappointed.

Veer Cosmetics Review
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We’re always a little skeptical when a company pulls the “sharpie test”, however time and time again, real users attempt the test at home and Veer Cosmetics passes! Many people say that it takes a little time to get used to the application process with their brush, however once it’s done a few times, you shouldn’t have a problem.

We like what we’ve seen of Veer Cosmetics and encourage anyone looking to cover up blemishes, acne or scars to give it a try.

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