IQ Genex Review – Is This The Brain Supplement We’ve Been Waiting For?

IQ Genex Cover photo

IQGenex is a revolutionary brain supplement formulated to give you the ultimate brain power. This supplement is so effective that under many circumstances, the user can experience lightning fast thinking.  This also includes an amazing mental boost when undergoing a brain fog syndrome when trying to focus on an important task like studying for exams or mapping out a big project for work.

Now you can escape the nightmare caused by heavy job demands, social life or school.  New for 2017, IQ Genex has been proven clinically to boost your concentration levels to the maximum. Your efficiency gets highly enhanced so that you have more spare time to engage in other brain and mental pursuits. How does that happen? Because IQ Genex helps to clear the fog in your brain, boosts your focus, and attention.

IQ GENEX Ingredients

WGCP (whole green coffee powder), the key ingredient in IQ Genex, contains organic caffeine obtained from the fiber of whole, raw coffee beans. WGCP works by delivering the caffeine over time in small doses. This is what differentiates IQGENEX from other caffeinated products considering that it allows your brain to replenish the normal levels of Dopamine before they wear off.


WGCP™ Clinical Study

Cleveland Clinic - IQ Genex, WGCP™The study was conducted by one of America’s top rated hospitals, the Cleveland Clinic. This is a non-profit organization that conducts objective studies, and doesn’t endorse a particular product. Cleveland Clinic conducts clinical trials, reporting only facts and their study findings.

The WGCP Clinical Study employed the withdrawal design in examining the differential WGCP effects and placebo in college-age adults aged between 18 and 25. It has been clinically proven by the study that WGCP boosts concentration and focus for between 5 and 6 hours.

The study investigated WGCP effects on the neurotypical individual’s ability to exercise different executive functions that are characteristically associated with impulsivity, spatial working memory, sustained attention, and response inhibition. These assist and boost remote cognitive activity as well as executive functions.

The Bottom Line – How does IQ GENEX Work?

IQGENEX works by inoculating the brain, and giving it a cognitive protection layer. This is similar to an invisible super charger that guards and boosts your memory functioning against the brain fog syndrome.

IQ Genex Benefits

Roasted coffee, energy drinks, and energy shots all deliver the caffeine in your body too quickly. Caffeine is known to cause stomach irritation, increased heart rate, restlessness, nervousness, and insomnia. WGCP delivers the caffeine in a way that doesn’t overwork your heart as it is done slowly.

Benefits of IQ Genex include:

• Enhances your memory recall
• Boosts your cognitive ability
• Reduces brain fog
• Boosts brain power and energy
• Safe for long-term usage

Are There Any Side Effects?

Different from most prescription medicines, IQ Genex is a natural supplement that is safe and has no side effects. With IQ Genex, you will not have to get worried about the crash that’ usually caused by conventional boosters. It only boosts your performance, intelligence, endurance, and brain power.


Don’t ever allow yourself to fall victim to a debilitating episode of brain fog when you need to be at your sharpest. When under the pressure of increased career workload or an upcoming college test, you need the exceptional neural performance that is guaranteed by this new supplement. IQ Genex steps in at the precise moment you need it.

Now you will not need to spend agonizing hours trying to recall the name of a friend or their phone contacts. Our brains have limited capacity, and can prove to be insufficient when working on a complex thought processes. With IQ Genex, you will not only remain focused and sharp, but also optimized for those life moments when you truly need to have your brain working at a supercharged speed.Order Today