Genucel Review – Plant Stem Cell Therapy

Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy

What Is Genucel? Does Plant Stem Cell Therapy Really Work?

This Genucel review takes a closer look at the line of anti-aging products from the Chamonix company based primarily on its Swiss apple Plant Stem Cell Technology. This technology, coupled with other potent ingredients, make for powerful serums. The Genucel line of cosmetics treats a host of cosmetic issues including eye bags and puffiness, an uneven skin tone and more. The result is radiant, beautiful, youthful-looking skin.

One standout product from the Genucel line is its plant stem cell eye therapy. This product is designed to quickly and safely remove under-eye bags and puffiness in a safe non-invasive way.

Genucel’s  Active Ingredients

Genucel’s Plant Stem Cell Eye Therapy is a mix of technology and ingredient. In the case of this product, the plant stem cell technology is one of the ‘active agents.’ As far as additional active ingredients go, each product in the Genucel Plant Stem Cell Eye Therapy package has its own specially formulated ingredient designed to carry out a specific function. The products and their ingredients include:

  • Chamonix Genucel Immediate Effects

Utilizing Relaxoderm Technology, this cream help to smooth away the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

  • Esotique-RF

The main ingredient – Matrixyl – is a peptide which is great for beautifying the skin and promoting overall skin health

  • L’essence

A special formulation of Vitamin C and Green Tea allows this Advanced Neck Treatment to tighten the delicate areas of the skin (namely the neck), making it smooth to the touch.

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How To Use Genucel

The Plant Stem Cell Eye Therapy is a topical product. As such it goes to work when added directly to the skin of the affected area. In the case of this product, the treatment area would be the skin around the eyes. Use the Plant Stem Cell Eye Therapy daily by taking an ample amount of the serum between the fingers and applying it generously. A lot need not be used in order for the product to be effective.

The Biggest Benefits of Genucel

One of the first standout benefits that users of Genucel can enjoy is how quickly it works. The product, as highlighted above, is designed to be used for a minimum of 60-days (as directed) for the best possible results. However, a significant percentage of users report seeing results less than 24-hours (as little as 12 in some cases). This is simply remarkable. Seeing results in a few days is great, however, seeing results in a matter of hours is nothing short of incredible. Importantly, the product is backed by a clinical study of its effectiveness.

Another important benefit of using this product is being able to get results without worrying about negative side-effects. This is due to the fact that the ingredients and technology that this product is based on are all-natural. As such, the product rejuvenates the skin, reverses the signs of aging, and gives a healthy youthful glow without causing any harm to the body or skin as can often be the case with topical cosmetic products.

The final standout feature of this product is that it is effective for both men and women. Admittedly, there are not many unisex beauty treatments available that are designed to work equally well for men and for women. In this regard, this product is truly unique.

How To Purchase Genucel

Currently, Genucel’s Plant Stem Cell Eye Therapy product is available for order directly from the product’s official website. Purchase and subsequent use of the product come with a ‘nothing to lose,’ 60-day, money back guarantee. This is great for anyone who may not be satisfied with the product after having used it for the 60-day period. Also, there is often a discount or special being offered at the point of purchase when using the website. As such, users can enjoy further savings by capitalizing on the same.

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